Everton Ramos de Oliveira was born in Barueri, Brazil in December 1994. Everton has had a passion for electronic music since childhood. He started attending EDM parties in 2010... his love for the genre continued to grow. After attending a particular party, he became curious about the creative process. He thought to himself “How do they make these wonderful sounds and effects?”. He pondered this, as well as the showmanship of the best DJs of the day. Eventually, he met someone who explained the basics of how it all worked. With this information, Everton began researching everything related to electronic music with particular concentration in Electro, Progressive and Big Room House Music. With this new-found knowledge, he was hooked!

Over time, Everton started mastering his craft. He began by watching tutorials on the internet but was eventually accepted to Point blank Music School. It was here where he mastered the art of music production as well as techniques of mixing. In his spare time Everton performed as a DJ at the community center in Barueri.

After much thought and deliberation he finally chose his stage name...Deens Ramos. For him this name perfectly embodies the image he wants to create with his music and performances. Now, feeling fully in charge and complete in his destiny, Deens Ramos was focused on creating beautiful music.

The process wasn’t easy. Deens’ first tracks were fairly simple and admittedly, without much style. However, this all changed with his recognized track “Love Sensation”. The tune was crafted utilizing singer Lolleatta Holloway’s vocals. The song made a lot of noise in the Big Room scene. Deens Ramos had finally found his groove; He participated in a remix contest on WAVO of KLP’s “Melt”. With the success of those early projects Deens Ramos expanded his interests by creating EDM that embodied the pulse and sounds of his beloved Brazil. He began fusing tropical styles like that of DJ Dave Nada’s Moombahton movement, with the gritty sounds of Brazilian Funk Carioca and U.S. Trap Music. This musical synthesis resulted in the remix of Major Lazer’s “Sua Cara” (feat. Anitta Pabllo Vittar). This tune was eventually picked up by the world famous Dutch EDM/Producer and DJ, Dannic on his FONK RADIO program Episode 97.

Since the release of “REMIX Sua Cara”, Deens Ramos has been busy releasing his intoxicating blend of Brazilian styled EDM rhythms. In addition, he has worked on various remix of artists such as: Mc Fioti, Future, J Balvin, and Stefflon Don. He’s also collaborated on Juan Magan’s “Bum Bum Tam Tam”, Clean Bandit’s “Mama” and Borgeous & Zack Martino’s “Make Me Yours”. Another highly notable track produced by Deens Ramos on the SKIO music platform is “Vai Dançar”, which was cleverly produced using the cult classic; “Jack O Matador”... a Brazilian Western from the famed duo Léo Canhoto & Robertinho.

With each passing day, Deens Ramos strives to become the ultimate DJ/Producer. He is a revolutionary force to be reckoned with. His creativity and drive causes him to do his very best

to create music that is vibrant, emotional..and most importantly, makes you want to dance and dance, and dance...


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